Why WMC?

Here’s Why…

It’s fun. It’s easy to drive. It’s a pleasure to live with.

WMC began with the original GMC Motorhome. The GMC Motorhome was designed from the ground up expressly for Motorhoming pleasure. A wealth of GM’s engineering expertise was incorporated into the design and development of the GMC Motorhome. Many questions were asked about the why’s and wherefore’s of designing, testing and building a truly fine Motorhome. Questions which required a long, hard look at every facet of Motorhome use. Questions that went to the heart of a Motorhome — handling, visibility, looks, comfort and dependability.

Today the WMC Motorhome is our answer to all those questions. And more. Ask yourself why you should own a WMC.

Why Front-Wheel Drive?

Put yourself behind the wheel of a WMC Motorhome. Feel the responsiveness of its front-wheel drive. Then relax and enjoy driving this surprisingly maneuverable vehicle.

WMC Motorhomes were designed from the ground up with front-wheel drive. The long drive-shaft and rear axle differential of conventional drive systems are eliminated, so the floor of the WMC Motorhome can be set closer to the ground. This lowered center of gravity means good driving stability, especially on curves. With your WMC Motorhome, the driving force of the front wheels acts in the direction of the curves, pulling it around turns smoothly. You know you are in command.

The WMC’s ground-to-roof profile is lower than most other motorhomes, yet you still have a full six feet, four inches of interior headroom. And, the low floor also means easy entry, because of the short distance between the ground and first step. WMC’s aerodynamic styling helps provide good fuel economy, too, for a vehicle of its weight and size.
Since the front-wheel-drive decision eliminates the need for rear driving axles, both sets of rear wheels can be mounted independently to each side of the Motorhome’s frame. Your tandem rear wheels step agilely over bumps, cushioned by independently sprung rear air suspension. What a ride … thanks to years of GMC experience in designing the right ride for cargo and passengers on trucks, buses and coaches.

Why do WMC Motorhomes have front-wheel drive?

To help provide hundreds of thousands of miles of pleasurable driving, easy handling and relaxed vacationing just about anywhere you and your WMC may roam.

Why Such Fun to Drive?

When you sit down to drive a WMC, you’re greeted with a familiar feeling. The driver’s compartment is not so different from your own car. The instrument panel is as easy to read as your car’s. The steering wheel and the driver’s seat adjust to your individual preference and comfort. And . . . the vie . . . incredible! You are seated up high, encircled by windows, large windows, for impressive visibility. You and your passengers will be able to enjoy the excitement and beauty of constantly changing scenery.

Driving your WMC is surprisingly easy. Once you’re adjusted to its length and width, you can just ease down the road, negotiating tight turns and moving through congested city traffic. Plus, you have the advantage of high seating, so you can see what’s happening on down the road.

A powerful V8 engine (either gas or diesel), automatic transmission, power steering and radial tires are standard, and , with your six-wheel power disk brakes, stops are smooth. Smooth and quiet because the WMC’s working parts are up front, so there are no noisy running parts under the length of your Motorhome.
Road vibrations and noise are further isolated with WMC’s rear independent air suspension system, specially treated, one-inch-thick wooden floor and special rubber insulators between the body and chassis.

WMC knows that noise and vacation driving just don’t belong together.

Why is a WMC Motorhome so much fun to drive?

Because, as you wander backroads or follow the beaten path, you’re comfortable handling the familiar WMC, relaxed and enjoying the incredible visibility provided by your panoramic windows.

Why Do I Look Different?

WMC Motorhomes stand out from the crowd. They look different because they are. WMC motorhomes begin with a low, wide chassis and frame. Onto that, an extruded aluminum ribbed cage structure is solidly bolted to the frame, isolated with rubber mounts. This helps reduce noise and vibration. A triple-thick hardened-aluminum roof and side walls are then bonded firmly to the cage, along with the fiberglass front, rear and side panels. Fiberglass resists minor dings and nicks because it has a “memory” and returns to its original shape. The lightweight construction of aluminum and fiberglass, combined with WMC’s aerodynamic design, helps the WMC motorhome to get good gas mileage for a vehicle its size.

WMC’s panoramic windows provide its owners with magnificent visibility. Vistas aren’t blocked by large windshield pillars as in most other motorhomes. With WMC, the outside view comes inside with you, although the windows actually account for only 15 percent of the body surface. The generous, four-by-five rear window can be opened as an emergency exit, if necessary.

Why doesn’t a WMC Motorhome look like anybody else?

Because the WMC is geared to individuals who appreciate impressive visibility, good gas mileage, and all the fun and excitement of owning an outstanding vacation vehicle.

What’s Special About My Interior?

A warm, inviting atmosphere awaits you inside your WMC Motorhome. The WMC Design Studio created a luxurious, yet practical, interior designed to satisfy your desire for beauty, comfort and practicality. WMC recognizes that some people want fine quality in their Motorhome. Quality furniture, shelves, cupboards and closets combine with quality fabrics and carpeting of high standards to give you years of pleasure. Furniture placement has been computer analyzed for weight distribution, no matter which of the floor plans you choose. The interior may be further personalized with your choice of four different decors. Comfort is enhanced by WMC’s advanced technology polyurethane insulation. This rigid foam, which never shifts, provides twice the insulating ability of an equal thickness of fiberglass. WMC’s storage capabilities mean uncluttered traveling with a large living area. Cupboards, closets, dovetail drawers, even pockets are set up to keep your dishes, clothes and baggage neatly out of sight. Plus, your privacy is assured with separated bedrooms, a double doored dressing area, a solid bathroom door and lined drapes. You won’t have to contend with intrusions or disturb other passengers in your Motorhome.

What’s very special about WMC’s interior?

The appealing atmosphere and quiet comfort that come from WMC’s meticulous attention to detail.